Tips To Avoid Getting A DUI This Halloween

Halloween is a time for candy and trick or treating, but for many adults, it's also an excuse to throw a party. If you will be attending a Halloween party this year, it's important to remain responsible or your next scare could come from getting put inside a police car. Don't ruin your Halloween by getting pulled over for a DUI. Here are some important tips to keep in mind this Halloween and always.

Set Up a Designated Driver

If you will be attending a Halloween party with a group, see if there is someone in the friend group who is willing to abstain from alcohol use during the party in order to ensure everyone has a safe ride home at the end of the night. This will let everyone relax and enjoy themselves because they know they'll be OK when it's time to leave.

Carpool with a Ride-Sharing App

If all of your friends want to drink and there's no designated driver in sight, your next option should be to consider carpooling together with a taxi service or ride-sharing app. Ride-sharing apps often let multiple friends split the bill so it won't be that expensive with a group of four.

Consider Non-Alcoholic Options

If you are throwing the party yourself this year, consider offering some non-alcoholic options so people who don't want to drink don't feel pressured to do so. If you are attending someone else's party, you could inquire about non-alcoholic beverages in advance or bring your own.

You Messed Up. Now What?

If you didn't follow the above advice and you are now getting pulled over by the police, it's important to stay calm and do what you can to protect yourself legally.

First, if you are still wearing any kind of Halloween costume that obscures or hides your face or one that might make the police officer uncomfortable when they are trying to talk to you, try and take it off before they walk up to your vehicle. You want this to be a calm and professional interaction.

If you know you will fail a DUI test at the roadside, know that you do have the option to refuse to take it. This will in many states get your license suspended automatically, but that might the better option if it prevents a DUI conviction. If you go this route, you may also have to refuse blood or additional tests back at the police station as well.

Contact a DUI Lawyer

For best results, contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. If you get a phone at the police station, consider contacting an attorney immediately. Go online to sites like for more information.