The Consequences Of Failing To Pay Fines For A Traffic Offense

A traffic ticket might look like a minor issue for someone who hasn't been arrested before. Therefore, you may get tempted to ignore the case, assuming the ticket will disappear. Unfortunately, overlooking a traffic ticket could aggravate the offense. It can make you lose your license or spend time behind bars. The best way to avoid getting into such a complicated situation is by engaging a speeding ticket lawyer immediately after the police hand you the tickets.

Keep reading to learn more about traffic offenses and how a lawyer will help you sort out the mess. 

The Options When Facing Speeding Charges 

After the police issue you a speeding ticket, you can decide to pay the fine instead of going to jail. Paying a fine saves you the headaches that come with lengthy court processes. However, paying a fine is not always the best option, and your attorney might discourage it. Usually, this move indicates acceptance of the offense. Because of this, the court might be strict on you in subsequent driving offenses.

Your lawyer might suggest a mitigation hearing instead of paying a fine. With this option, you can get a lesser fine, community service, or a monthly payment plan instead of a lump-sum fine. Besides mitigation, you can request a contested hearing. In this case, your lawyer will make submissions in court to convince the court to drop or reduce your charges.

The Consequences of Ignoring Tickets and Fines 

If you don't appear in court to answer the traffic violation charges, the judge might issue a warrant of arrest. In addition, they can suspend or revoke your driving license, which puts you at risk of indefinitely losing your driving privileges. However, you have an opportunity to reapply for your license after one year. 

But in the worst-case scenario, the court can cancel your driving license, denying you driving rights. Judges mostly take this stern measure for an offender with a medical condition that prohibits them from driving. The jury might also ask you to surrender your vehicle if you have huge unpaid fines. But before that, they will give you a certain duration to pay or contest the fines. If that time elapses, you could face stiffer penalties, including increased fines.

Ignoring a traffic ticket can lead to regrettable consequences, as seen above. The best way to evade them is by hiring a speeding ticket lawyer immediately after the arrest. They will advise you on the appropriate measures to take and represent you in the courtroom to shield you against a harsh punishment. 

Consult with a traffic ticket attorney to learn more.