How Can A DUI Defense Lawyer Help You With Your DUI Charges?

Hiring a lawyer is always a smart and helpful step when facing criminal charges. But you should always hire the right type for your case. If you're facing DUI charges, you need a DUI defense lawyer. After all, this type of lawyer will know the ins and outs of DUI law more than other types. As a result, you might experience the best outcome possible for your DUI case. Keep reading to learn how a DUI lawyer can help you with your case.

Hear the facts first

Before a lawyer takes your case, they'll want to hear about it. They might also want to research your past criminal history. Some lawyers are selective about the cases they take, while others will take any case. The purpose of researching these things is to learn more about your situation and predict the potential outcome. Therefore, you can expect the lawyer to ask some questions about the case during your initial meeting.

Plan a strategy

In some cases, lawyers won't have a lot of evidence to work with. Therefore, lawyers might suggest taking a plea bargain if the prosecutor offers one. However, there are times when a lawyer has enough evidence to fight a case. If your case has enough facts that prove your innocence, the lawyer might suggest fighting the case. For example, suppose the police did something illegal during the arrest. Your lawyer could use this one fact to fight the case. Regardless of the facts present, your lawyer will create a strategy for your case. It might be to accept a plea bargain or go through a court trial. In either case, they'll explain it to you and give you options.

Work the case

Next, the lawyer will work on the case. If you're accepting a plea bargain, they will try to negotiate to get the best deal. If you're fighting the case, the lawyer will determine how to present the evidence in the best manner possible. The goal is to convince the court to drop or reduce the charges. If the court drops the charges, you're free. If they reduce the charges, you'll encounter a lower punishment and penalty for the crime.

Hire a DUI lawyer

You need a DUI lawyer if facing DUI charges. Therefore, start looking for the best one. If necessary, interview a few lawyers before hiring the right one. You should feel confident with your choice, so spend some time finding the best one. 

For more info, contact a local DUI defense lawyer