What Happens If You Are Charged With Possession Of A Synthetic Drug?

With an increase in the number of employers performing random drug tests for marijuana and other drugs, more and more individuals are turning to synthetic forms of these drugs for a legal high. However, each year, state legislatures pass laws criminalizing certain new drugs -- and some states are even attempting to make this possession a felony offense. What can you do if you've been arrested and charged with possession of a synthetic drug that was once legal? Read More 

Preventing The Worst Consequences Of DUI Aggravating Factors

When a person is charged with driving under the influence, state law may require harsher minimum penalties if certain circumstances apply. A judge also has the discretion to impose a steeper penalty than the minimum required by law, and may be more likely to do so in certain situations. Factors resulting in worse consequences are known as aggravating or aggravated factors or circumstances. The charges may be classified as an aggravated or enhanced DUI. Read More