Ensuring Medical Expense Compensation For Severe Injuries

When a car accident leaves you injured, you naturally are concerned with seeking medical treatment as soon as possible. The cost, location, transportation, and other details are seldom considered until the bills arrive. Unfortunately, medical care can be astronomically expensive, and you might need to take steps if your needs are not being met. Read on to learn more about ensuring that you receive adequate coverage of your medical expenses. Read More 

More Unusual And Atypical Criminal Defenses And How They Affect The Outcome Of Criminal Cases

In criminal cases, the criminal prosecutor will charge a person with a crime, and pursue the lawsuit against that person until or when the defense lawyer can prove that the accused did not do the crime and does not deserve punishment. To defend the accused, any manner of defenses may be used. If you are charged with a crime, and things look grim, here are a few of the more unusual defenses your criminal defense attorney may be able to use in your case in order to free you. Read More 

Taking Action Against Domestic Violence

Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home, but individuals who become the victim of domestic violence can find their home to be a frightening place. Domestic abuse occurs when a parent, spouse, or child is victimized by another family member. Small occurrences of domestic abuse can escalate to life-threatening situations quickly. Protecting yourself by taking action can be the only way to put an end to the abuse. Read More 

How You Can Potentially Benefit From A Bench Trial

When trying to respond to charges, one approach in criminal law that defendants sometimes consider is seeking a bench trial. Instead of going through the process of seating and selecting a juror, the defendant submits to the judgment of the court in evaluating the credibility of evidence and arguments. The bench trial offers an alternative to a jury trial, and while an uncommon choice, it does provide some appeal to people in very specific circumstances. Read More 

Duis And Plea Deals: What You Should Know

If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI charge, the district attorney may offer you a plea deal. In most cases, these deals are offered through your attorney unless you are representing yourself. If you have never faced charges before, you may have many questions about a plea deal. Here is some information you should know about DUIs and plea deals.  What a Plea Deal Is A plea is an agreement between you and the district attorney who is bringing the charges against you. Read More