Why The Court May Offer You A Plea Bargain In Your Criminal Case

You may have a lot of questions and uncertainties if you are facing criminal charges for the first time in your life, and one of the big questions you may have may relate to a plea bargain the court offers you. A plea bargain is something courts commonly use in criminal cases, and you should not be surprised if the court offers one to you. Here are some of the main reasons courts do this. Read More 

Do High-Profile Defendants Have A Harder Time Getting A Fair Deal On A First-Time Drunk Driving Offense?

Any type of charge related to driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be a disaster in your life -- it can cost you a small fortune in legal fees and fines, result in jail time or mandatory alcohol or drug counseling and cost you the ability to drive. However, if you happen to be a public figure of some sort, like a politician, a member of law enforcement, or even a police officer, the cost to your reputation can be incalculable. Read More